Diablo Burger®

an arizona local foods-based burger joint


diablo burger’s community commitment:

  • diablo burger is now serving a simplified take-out menu featuring a quarter-pound patty of our 100% local grass-fed beef. every meal comes with lettuce, tomato, pickle and fries, as well as a choice of dipping sauce.

    for every meal you order directly from diablo burger during the lock-down we will donate one meal to a local emergency room or an organization* feeding hungry schoolkids or other under-served populations in our community.

    we will report meal donations to those groups on our social media accounts.


    1. call call your local diablo burger directly (in tucson -- (520) 882-2007, in flagstaff -- (928) 774-3274)
    2. or text or email us directly (in tucson -- tucsondiablo@gmail.com; in flagstaff -- flagdb@gmail.com) -- please include your phone number and we will call you back to complete your order
    3. or order online via diabloburger.com
    4. please note that we will not be accepting cash during this period
    5. come into diablo burger to pick up your order from a designated to-go window
    6. enjoy your food and the knowledge that you are also feeding someone in need in your community

meal donations:

  • if you are an organization providing meals to emergency room workers, hungry schoolkids or other under-served populations in our community, please email us at flagstaff@diabloburger.com or tucson@diabloburger.com, depending on which community you serve. you must be able to pick up meals directly from our establishment. thank you.


  • meals:

    1. monk (basic burger) $11
    2. marilyn (basic cheeseburger with a choice of cheddar, swiss, or pepperjack) $12
    3. blake (cheddar, green chiles, hatch chile mayo) $13
    4. big daddy kane (cheddar, sweet pickles, special sauce, bacon) $13
    5. veggie burger choice of two toppings $13
    6. grilled cheese $10
    7. frites (really good belgian-style fries, served with your choice of dipping sauce) $6
  • optional toppings:

    1. bacon $2
    2. green chiles ¢50
    3. sweet pickles ¢50
  • dipping sauce options (included with any meal):

    1. hatch chile mayo
    2. special sauce
    3. ranch
    4. ketchup
    5. spicy honey mustard
    6. dijon mustard
  • allergy options:

    1. gluten-free bun $2

temporary reduced hours:

    1. flagstaff: noon to 7pm
    2. tucson: noon to 7pm

updates on our social media feeds @diabloburger

thank you.



db flagstaff

120 n. leroux st
flagstaff, az 86001


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db tucson

312 e congress st
tucson, az 85701


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